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Video Gallery

At CACTX we believe the eradication of child abuse begins with building informed, empowered communities that stand ready to embrace this issue and support the solution offered through the CAC model. The videos on this page are intended to educate and inspire our viewers. Visit this page to learn more about the CAC model, view recent news clips regarding CACs and pertinent issues in the child abuse field, watch public service announcements, and view video footage from recent CACTX events.

Hear Me. See Me.

You can join our collective effort to protect children in your community.

Take Your Seat at the Table

We all have a part to play in making sure that our children are protected.

Women of Courage Storytelling

Women of Courage Story Telling from CACTX on Vimeo.

Courage to Report. Courage to Heal.

Valor para Reportar. Valor para Sanar.

Children’s Advocacy Centers help families impacted by child abuse with highly effective therapy

Texas is number one in the nation in providing tools to put abused children and caregivers on the road to wellness.

CACTX Mental Health Initiatives

Children’s Advocacy Centers offer healing for victims of child sexual abuse, giving them the resources they need to recover.

Report Suspected Abuse
Call 1-800-252-5400 or 9-1-1