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ECSA Strategies

Ending child sexual abuse will be a decades-long journey, and CACTX is committed to building a strong launchpad programmatically and organizationally. 

Our Strategic Program Initiatives

CACTX has identified three Strategic Program Initiatives to end child sexual abuse. Shifting the perception of child sexual abuse from solely a criminal justice issue to both a public health and criminal justice issue acknowledges that prevention is possible, resources should be invested, and action should be taken to stop it from occurring in the first place. 

To learn more about our three Strategic Program Initiatives, please click the corresponding images below to watch our video vignettes. 

Respond - Intervene when child sexual abuse occurs to ensure safety, justice, and healing for victims while holding perpetrators accountable and reducing their likelihood of reoffending. 


Detect - Recognize the early warning signs that child sexual abuse has happened to ensure timely intervention with victims and offenders.

Prevent - Stop child sexual abuse from happening in the first place.

Did you know:

1 in 10 children

will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday